01 März 2012

this blog has moved

this blog has moved:
hope to see you there!

25 Februar 2012

Sunset Saturday XXXXXII

Last week we walked over the Brooklyn Bridge to Dumbo and enjoyed the beautiful views of the Manhattan skyline! New York is such as fantastic place and we were lucky to get some sunny (and even mild) days in the middle of February...

24 Februar 2012

walk the line

 I really wanted to see the Highline in New York and so we went there for a walk followed by lunch at the Standard Grill
The views of the city from this perspective are just great and I love how the former train tracks have been converted into such a cool urban space. 
It must be so great to come here in summer and spent an evening there just sitting and enjoying the atmosphere....

18 Februar 2012

Sunset Saturday XXXXXI

We're off to NYC! 
Here's a picture of the sunset on the ferry back to Manhattan taken during my first visit when we spent a glorious week in this great city!
Have a fantastic weekend!!!

17 Februar 2012

Rising Skyline

   As mentioned before, a new CBD is currently under development in Gabs. The other day I drove past and was quite impressed by all the works going on there. The architecture is mostly functional and a lot of the projects are actually being built by the Chinese, but some day in the future all these buildings will determine the face of the city.

 A whole new skyline is evolving here and it'll be interesting to watch the first real high-rise buildings grow over the next years...

14 Februar 2012

Happy V-Day!

 It seems to be sort of a big thing here...a lot of shops have specials, restaurants offer Valentine menues and the call-in radio show today also was all about Valentine's Day.
We're having drinks with heart-shaped icecubes and a braai with friends tonight ;)
Happy Valentine's Day!