28 Dezember 2010

Ein Winterspaziergang

like last year I spent a short visit in the North of Germany.
and like last year there is a lot of snow so we went for a beautiful little walk in the countryside adoring the frozen world around us.

25 Dezember 2010

happy holidays!

our beloved locally-grown Christmas tree, decorated in beautiful Bavarian colors
hope you all have a wonderful time

merry X-mas!

15 Dezember 2010

let it snow

it is snowing and snowing and snowing. and it's cold. like real winter.
everything is covered in white and all the trees and shrubs have big snowy caps.
when the sun comes out and the snow is sparkling it truly feels like a winterwonderland!
looks like we'll have a white X-mas!

13 Dezember 2010

in the kitchen

Ever since I made it to my parents' place I've been busy baking (and eating) X-mas biscuits. Outside it is freezing and it has been snowing for the past days, but in our kitchen it is warm and cosy, and this is where I am spending a lot of time these days, watching the snow fall and enjoying a hot cup of tea. It's good to be home for Christmas!

10 Dezember 2010


- is supposed to be the final day of COP16
- the last page in my passport was stamped
- I got to go online for the first time in the air

06 Dezember 2010

A day in Maya land

On my day off I took a bus to Chichen Itza, where the most famous Mayan temple in Mexico is situated. The journey took us through the jungle to an underground waterhole and finally to the big pyramid in Chichen Itza.

It was fascinating to see how perfectly the Mayas modeled this temple to match their beliefs! They were truly extraordinary architects and mathematicians with a quirky mind and a lot of fantasy - imagine what amazing projects they would come up with in today's world!?

Thanks to our fantastic tourguides Edgar and Jorge for this super interesting tour!

03 Dezember 2010

the beach

this pretty beach has been in front of my nose for the past days but so far I haven't had a chance to really enjoy it! the week has been quite busy, but now it is almost weekend (and no meetings scheduled). so hopefully this will be a good opportunity to explore a little bit of the area....