30 Juli 2011

Sunset Saturday XXII

We went for a sunset cruise on a dhow and were sailing along the waterfront of Stonetown. The gentle breeze was pushing the boat over the water, and as we came back, the sun was setting on the horizon. These dows look so simple and haven't really changed over the centuries, but are a great way to get around on the ocean.

28 Juli 2011

what really happened in Zanzibar

they flew to a magical island, where love was in the air.
infatuated by all the exotic spices, they decided that marriage isn't such a bad idea.
on mango island, he found the perfect spot and so she found the ring in a shell.
to the sound of the ocean, he asked the question and she didn't have to think long about the answer.
so now they are planning a wedding and are looking puzzled at each other.
seems like the happily ever after has already started :)

27 Juli 2011

back from the island

We're back in Gabs and I already miss the ocean, the beach and the tropical green vegetation of Zanzibar island. It has been such an amazing trip, with everything and much more than I hoped for!

24 Juli 2011

just because

this was a beautiful, fantastic day and I am
so so happy

23 Juli 2011

Sunset Saturday XXI

A picture of a glorious evening sky in the Okavango Delta, when we spent a night on an island during last year's trip to Maun.
The sun was such a red-glowing ball, setting behind those sleek palm trees. We watched the sky go darker and darker, cooling our feet in the water of the Okavango, relieved that the day's heat was finally cooling off a bit.

16 Juli 2011

Sunset Saturday XX

Sunset behind the dome under construction in the newly built CBD of Gaborone.
I was stuck in traffic during rush hour and taking some pictures to pass time.
Funnily enough, I didn't notice the people walking on the dome until I looked at the picture.
Gabs is such a fast-growing city - I really wonder what it will look like ten years from now!

15 Juli 2011

off to the beach

We're off to the beaches of Zanzibar in the Indian Ocean!
The weather and temperature forecast looks great, and so do the pictures I have seen so far. I'm so looking forward to escaping the cold and leaving my alpaca sweater behind for a couple of days.

picture taken during my last visit to the beach at Punta d'Oro, Mozambique

12 Juli 2011

winter skies

These days, there are quite a few clouds in the sky, casting shadows over the land and adding to the feeling of winter. The big, low-hanging cloud formations sometimes look like they actually belong into one of these massive oil paintings. Then again the clouds will open up to show a piece of blue sky, and disappear shortly afterwards, clearing the sky for the sun's return.

11 Juli 2011

Soup on a Sunday morning

I went to Old Naledi to visit the kids of Happy Home, who received some hot soup to keep warm on this cold and rainy day.
I am so glad whenever I get a chance to see them.
These kids just make my heart melt.

09 Juli 2011

Sunset Saturday XIX

A picture of the evening sky in Chefchaouen, Morocco taken in summer 2008.
The city in its blue colors was impressive at every hour of the day and even more special when seen from distance during dusk, in the "blue" hour when the sun set behind the mountains.

08 Juli 2011

roadside scenes

Some pictures from the way home to Gabs, taken from the car. Vast grassland and wide, open skies. Next to the road, some cattle and spread-out villages. Rising hills in the distance, empty land. Just across the border, but a different country indeed.

05 Juli 2011

Beauties and Beests

As mentioned previously, we woke up to this view and spent a couple of nights in the bush here. We had breakfast on the terrace overlooking the waterhole, took naps in the sunshine and went for some walks through the bush. In the evening, we lit a big campfire and made up some pretty awesome stories, listening to the hyenas howling around us. During the day, they were nowhere to be seen. Instead, we watched the graceful antelopes coming to the water and moving through the bush.
On the game drive we stopped and watched the Black Wildebeests, that look like punks with their big manes and the fluffy hair on the nose.The best thing about this trip?
It was only a 2.5 hour journey!

04 Juli 2011

bedside view

During the weekend, we woke up to this view.
Despite the cold, it was a great trip and we saw lots and lots of animals. More pictures to come soon.

02 Juli 2011

Sunset Saturday XVIII

Evening in the Blue Mountains. We went there for a daytrip and came back to Sydney smelling of Eucalyptus. For the sunset, we stopped at the roadside and climbed on a tree from where we watched the sky, the clouds and the sea of Eucalyptus trees beneath us.