26 Februar 2011

Tennis Party

On the occasion of my favorite man's birthday, we had a little tennis party. Starting early before the heat we were playing doubles with some friends and had fun on the court. Here are some 'action shots' from the guys fighting for points!

Thanks to everyone for playing!

25 Februar 2011

rain on your wedding day

Align CenterYesterday, our friends got married here in Gaborone. The day was grey and cloudy and in the morning it was pouring down with rain. But unlike in many other places, in Botswana, rain on your wedding day is considered a fortunate sign and so we happily went ahead and celebrated the newly weds with a lovely brunch and cake at the Sanitas teagarden.

Pula to the happy couple!

22 Februar 2011

trip planning

I really want to go to the beach and so we decided it's time for another trip!
In March, we are planning to go for a week-long holiday to Mozambique and the Elephant Coast, where they say there are pretty beaches, fresh seafood and green landscapes....I'll find out if they are right and report back. But until then, there is some more work to be done...

20 Februar 2011

little projects

For most of last year, we were working on some little projects with the kids at Happy Home. They learnt how to weave with sticks and natural materials and created some pretty pieces.

They also built some miniature traditional houses complete with garden and fence with little twigs and recycled materials.
I just felt like sharing some of the children's work.
Thanks to Camola who took these beautiful pictures!

15 Februar 2011

Beautiful Days

While in Joburg for the U2 concert we spent a lovely Sunday at Market on Main, browsing the shops and stalls, looking at beautiful pictures in the galleries and enjoying the view from the top floor before sitting down for a picknick on the grass, sipping on mojitos and chatting with friends.
The next day, we went to look for Stanley 44 in Milpark and were lucky to find the place. Cute shops and restaurants are set around the courtyards and we spent hours at Bean There, a fantastic coffee shop with a tranquil little outdoor area.

Because I still tend to feel a little overwhelmed by this big (bad) city every time I go there, it was great to discover that there exist these little oasis that are perfect to just hang out for a while.

03 Februar 2011

a day with flowers, letters & cupcakes

I wanted flowers in the house, so I picked some from the roadside on my way home.

The afternoon I spent with the children at Happy Home and they wrote colorful answers to their pen pals. Their letters are really sweet and they even try to teach them some words in Setswana!

The day ended with cupcakes and a little bit of home - podcasts are king!