30 April 2011

Sunset Saturday IX

The sunset on our roadtrip to Namibia last year. It was one of those loooong days in the car - we had left rather late and had planned to cover quite some distance before the end of the day. But the sun sets quickly around here and we only saw the sunset from the car window with the Kalahari flying by. This weekend we are staying in Gabs, so no lengthy car drives. Yay!

29 April 2011

Rain Escape

It was pouring down here in Gaborone during the Easter weekend but we managed to escape the rain for a while by going to beautiful Madikwe with my parents.
Just across the border, we were lucky that the rain had stopped by the time we got there and we got some sunshine during our evening game drive, coating everything in warm light.
The next morning was cloudy and moist, and it took a while for the sun to come out. But the colours of the sky and the landscape after the rain were stunning.
Due to all the rain it was impossible to drive on most of the dirt roads and it was difficult to trace the animals, but we saw quite a few anyways.

And we found a lion couple!
After what looks like a lion kiss we could hear them roar across the land - a majestic sound unlike anything else in the bush!
And look at that gaze - looking straight through you....

28 April 2011

Cruising Chobe

After our visit to the VicFalls, we went on to Kasane, the gateway to the Chobe National Park.
We spent an afternoon at the pool looking out on the massive river before exploring the waterfront on a boat and coming quite close to the wildlife. There is a lot more water now than last year, making the river look almost like a big lake.

During our cruise, we saw a kindergarten of thirsty elephants coming to the water for a drink.
Crocodiles were lying motionless on the shore.
And a group of hippos was paddling in the sunset.
Isn't this the picture-perfect Africa?!

23 April 2011

Sunset Saturday VIII

A year ago I spent semana santa in Nicaragua and stayed in San Juan del Sur on the Pacific coast for a while. The town was superbusy with families from all over coming here for the Easter holiday and some people even set up camp directly at the beach and because of all the partying everywhere I didn't really get much sleep that night. During sunset, everyone was enjoying the beach and having a good time.
Have a happy Easter!

21 April 2011

Where there's Smoke, there's Thunder

This past weekend we drove up to the Victoria Falls with my parents, who are currently visiting from Germany. After a night at Nata Lodge, we continued our journey to see the water masses of the Zambezi River falling over the edge.
On our way, we encountered some elephants on the roadside, passed huge sun-flower fields, spent a lot of time at the border and finally arrived just in time to catch the last hours of light over the glorious waterfalls.
The next morning we walked over the bridge and took some more pictures of the falls, the gorge and the beautiful scenery.
At high water, the falls really give you a good shower and you can't even see the bottom of the gorge, but the sound of the roaring water definitely makes it all very exciting.
I seriously love this place and could visit it over and over again.
Maybe next time I'll go to the Zambian side?

all pictures (except the family pic) taken with my new camera!!!

20 April 2011

Comfort Food

My mother brought us some "Milchreis" from Germany and with the evenings getting colder and colder over here, it was time for some comfort food. And so we heated up some milk and sugar, added the rice and stirred diligently for about 30 minutes. Served with some fruits and cinnamon it was a delicious dinner!

19 April 2011

Chasing Waterfalls

A few instagram pics from our trip to the VicFalls.
It was great to visit the falls - this time with very high water levels!
I'm loving the rainbow in the second picture. At some point we could even see a full 180° rainbow. And we spent some lovely days up there where it still feels like summer.

16 April 2011

Sunset Saturday VII

I wasn't sure if I would like Lima, but I got to spend a few days there during my trip last year. And so I went to explore a little bit of this huge city (mostly the nice, touristy places). The atmosphere during the early evening on the many lively places in the quarter where I was staying was very urban, busy, with lots of traffic around. In all the hustling around me on the ground, it felt nice to take a look at the beautiful quiet evening sky.

14 April 2011

a little video of our trip to Mozambique

I finally managed to upload this little fim from our roadtrip through Mozambique.
We drove through Maputo, took the ferry to Catembe and then made our way through the sand and dunes to Punta do Ouro on the coast. The town of Punta do Ouro is really built on sand - no roads there! The long stretches of sand pistes were extremely bumpy and we saw quite a few cars who got stuck in the sand but we were lucky and the landscape was still beautiful to look at.
Thanks to David for the car and to Björn for being a great offroad driver!

09 April 2011

Sunset Saturday VI

St. Kilda near Melbourne. It was our last evening in Autralia and we were walking along the beach before stopping at a bar to enjoy some sun-downers. The sailing boats in the distance looked tiny and like some kind of secret code against the bright sky. It was such a nice atmosphere to see the sun going down over the quiet ocean.

Dog: Check!

Yes, we (finally) got a dog. Last Sunday we went to the shelter "just to have a look" and came home with a sweet dog that has since been staying with us. She is getting more confident and curious about her new home and owners by the day, so it's been fun having her around!

02 April 2011

Sunset Saturday V

A perfect, pastell-colored sunset in Phuket, Thailand with some beautiful cloud formations. I love the reflections of the sun on the water and the sand. We spent a quiet weekend there back in 2009 and while I didn't like the super-touristy town of Phuket, I loved the beach and the surf. It was still the rainy season, hence the clouds, but it was actually nice to view the rain come and go from our terrace.