29 Januar 2012

veggies & bread

When we got back to Gabs, I found a flyer for a "vegbox" at our gate. We decided to try it and got our first weekly delivery of fresh, locally grown, vegetables, salad and fruits. Now our fridge is full of healthy, green stuff and so far, we've not become tired of the veggies. Also, given the lack of proper bread, we have started to bake our own bread. Björn has mastered the art of baking bread with all sorts of flour and grains, and I made some baguette the other night from a recipe I got from my mother. We ate it fresh out of the oven with salad from our "vegbox" and it was sooo good that it was almost gone by the time I remembered to take a picture ;)
Anyone in Gabs interested in getting a vegbox, contact Karin at 76637577 or email thevegbox@home.co.bw

28 Januar 2012

Sunset Saturday XXXXVIII

Sunset behind palms and rice paddies in Ubud, Bali. During my first trip to Bali we stayed in a villa in the middle of the rice paddies and went for a walk around the area just before sunset. From a distance we could hear the chanting and drumming in a nearby temple and the air smelled of flowers and incense....

25 Januar 2012

Blue Zebras

It is the first time that Botswana has qualified for the AFCON and now that the tournament has started, the country is going slightly crazy. Yesterday was the first group game of the Zebras against mighty Ghana and it was amazing to see the support of the fans throughout the city.
Cars are waving the national flag, people everywhere (even in the bank!) are wearing their trikot, and the Orange Fan Park at Game City was shaking from the stomping and dancing of the crowds.
And even though the result was disappointing, it was an exciting match and everyone is looking forward to the next matches!
Go Zebras!

21 Januar 2012

Sunset Saturday XXXXVII

Evening sky with big clouds and beautiful colors at our house. The past week we've been settling back into life here and trying to get into some kind of routine. Our garden is green like never before and our dog seems really happy to have us back. Things are pretty much back to normal, with some uncertainty remaining as to what this year will bring...

14 Januar 2012

Sunset Saturday XXXXVI

Another wintery evening sky in Bavaria. The last couple of days were sunny and rather cold but still no snow down here. We're flying back to Botswana today, saying goodbye to winter and hello to summer in the Southern hemisphere!

13 Januar 2012


- it snowed a little bit
- is the last day of my holiday in Germany
- I found a beautiful wedding dress!!!

11 Januar 2012

Plaisir d'Hiver

Before I leave, I wanted to spend some more time in the mountains. In the past few days it snowed a lot in the Alps and today it was sunny, so I went on a day trip with my dad. We drove to Spitzing and hiked up to the Firstalm with our sleighs.
There we sat in the plain sun and watched the panorama and the skiiers before tobogganing downhill all the way back to the car - yay!

10 Januar 2012


make a gif
Greetings from Bavaria!
We went on a family day trip to Chiemsee shortly after Christmas and I loved to be near the mountains. During the summer it is also beautiful there, but during the winter months it is more peaceful and quiet, and the views are just as nice.

07 Januar 2012

Sunset Saturday XXXXV

A sunset in the bush at Mabuasehube. The sun was scorching during the day and even the wind was hot, so all we did was hide under the shade and wait for the sun to paint a golden sky behind the thornbushes. As much as I complain, the European winter makes me realise how spoilt I am and I really miss the warmth and the sunlight of Botswana.

06 Januar 2012

Impressions from Berlin

We spent a few days in wintery Berlin, and got to see a lot of different quarters while looking at different locations and meeting friends. The city is full of history, beautifully restored buildings, and lots of interesting architecture to discover, but I guess January is not really the best time to explore Berlin...
1, Deutsches Historisches Museum Berlin and Fernsehturm
2, Berlin Wall
3, Museumsinsel (Bode Museum)
4, Friedrichshain Südkiez

01 Januar 2012

Welcome 2012!

We welcomed the New Year in the snowy mountains, with good friends, beautiful fireworks and champagne. It felt like a good way to start 2012!
Thanks to everyone for a great time!