27 Januar 2010

da wo der gletscher kalbt...

The legendary Glaciar Perito Moreno is part of the third-largest continental icefield and is simply huge...

Even in El Calafate you can see pieces of ice drifting on the nearby lake, so being really close to the majestic glacier and hearing big chunks of ice thundering into the icy blue water was a great experience!

23 Januar 2010

it´s the end of the world

the end of Ruta Nacional 3 at the Lapataia Bay is one of the main attractions in the Tierra del Fuego National Park. And what is there, at 'el fin del mundo'?

bunnies and daisies - I couldn't help but laugh :)

22 Januar 2010

Flower Power in Ushuaia

One thing I did not expect here, at the end of the world, is all the flowers!

Look how beautiful they are - in the gardens and all the ones growing wild despite all the wind and rather chilly temperatures...

I´m really happy I came in summer...

18 Januar 2010


- I realised that I am currently on my 5th continent
- I tried Mate tea for the first time
- I bought a new camera since the old one got stolen the other day
- 2 of my friends have their birthday
- I managed to send a job application with the great help of my little sister and my favorite person - thanks!

17 Januar 2010

up on the lighthouse

I took a speedy ferry to the old city of Colonia in Uruguay and wandered around the leafy streets of the Barrio Histórico, passing by lots of antique shops as well as people trying to escape the mid-day heat in the shadows of little bars and cafes or chilling under the trees at the waterfront.

Close to the waters of the Río de la Plata is a lighthouse painted in glazing white. You climb up the tower on some very narrow and steep stairs and if you can make it to the top you have a beautiful view over the old part of the town, the surrounding waters and some tiny islands in the distance.

It was the perfect spot to get some fresh air before I went back to the big city...

fyi: unfortunately the pictures are lost but I will buy a new camera soon!

15 Januar 2010

first days in Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires greets me with a fresh and clear morning. After 14 hours flight from Roma I'm happy to be on the ground again and to move my legs!

And BA is a city where you'll walk a lot through the endless streets from one part of the city to the next.

Highlights include the Playa del Mayor, the Jardin Japonais in Palermo and the beautiful MALBA museum as well as the cemetery in Recoleta.

January is the holiday season here and peak of the summer, so the city is not as busy as usual because it is so hot. Even the travellers in my hostel seem to constantly take a nap on one of the cozy outdoor sofas....