25 Februar 2012

Sunset Saturday XXXXXII

Last week we walked over the Brooklyn Bridge to Dumbo and enjoyed the beautiful views of the Manhattan skyline! New York is such as fantastic place and we were lucky to get some sunny (and even mild) days in the middle of February...

24 Februar 2012

walk the line

 I really wanted to see the Highline in New York and so we went there for a walk followed by lunch at the Standard Grill
The views of the city from this perspective are just great and I love how the former train tracks have been converted into such a cool urban space. 
It must be so great to come here in summer and spent an evening there just sitting and enjoying the atmosphere....

18 Februar 2012

Sunset Saturday XXXXXI

We're off to NYC! 
Here's a picture of the sunset on the ferry back to Manhattan taken during my first visit when we spent a glorious week in this great city!
Have a fantastic weekend!!!

17 Februar 2012

Rising Skyline

   As mentioned before, a new CBD is currently under development in Gabs. The other day I drove past and was quite impressed by all the works going on there. The architecture is mostly functional and a lot of the projects are actually being built by the Chinese, but some day in the future all these buildings will determine the face of the city.

 A whole new skyline is evolving here and it'll be interesting to watch the first real high-rise buildings grow over the next years...

14 Februar 2012

Happy V-Day!

 It seems to be sort of a big thing here...a lot of shops have specials, restaurants offer Valentine menues and the call-in radio show today also was all about Valentine's Day.
We're having drinks with heart-shaped icecubes and a braai with friends tonight ;)
Happy Valentine's Day!

11 Februar 2012

Sunset Saturday XXXXX

Evening sun sparkling in Walvis Bay with three flamingos looking for food in the shallow waters. There were thousands of flamingos at the bay, feeding and standing in the water with their stick-thin legs. We went there during our trip to Namibia and drove through the big sand dunes between Swakopmund and Walvis Bay to see the flamingos.

09 Februar 2012

more from the weekend

While in Joburg, we also went back to the Market on Main on Sunday. It's really nice to see that it's been growing a lot ever since we first went there last year.  Having left the house without breakfast, I was very hungry by the time we got there, and so I was really happy that there was a lot of food options to choose from: empanadas, sandwiches, Ethiopian food, cupcakes, brownies and much more. 
The only sad thing is that they removed the lawn in the courtyard, but you can still sit under the wild olive trees and have a picknick with a doggie watching you...

06 Februar 2012

summer nights

We spent a fantastic weekend in Pretoria and Joburg, and had a great time at the Jozifest on Saturday. It took place in Newtown, in an old industrial area, and there were bands, DJs, dancing and a great atmosphere with an interesting crowd.
Okay, I must admit that I didn't know any of the acts, but hey -
a party's a party, right!?!

Somehow, my favorite spot was that large, dark hall with DJs playing what I thought to be quite demanding drum'n'base and other beats.
And if this wasn't enough, we went to Kitcheners afterwards, and I just absolutely loved that place, the vibe and the incredibly sophisticated, cool music...
There is a bar, a dancing room and a Bismark painting on the wall above the DJ.
It kinda felt like a party at someone's home and I was soo glad I was invited, too ;)
It was so much fun to go out in a real city!
Thanks Lea and Terence for having us!
See a whole lot more Jozifest pics here...

04 Februar 2012

Sunset Saturday XXXXIX

I took this picture during our trip to Mozambique and KZN in March last year. We were on our way back to the lodge through endless pineapple fields under this beautifully colored evening sky, and could almost see all the way down to the coast.

03 Februar 2012

rush hour

Gabs city is growing and so is traffic. There is a lot of road construction going on, which means that sometimes you will spend a lot of time in the car, waiting for traffic to move very slowly around one of the detours. These days, even the road along Old Naledi is jammed, and the other day I got a good view of life next to the road while on my way home.