30 Oktober 2011

a visit to Bahurutshe

I went with some friends to Bahurutshe, a cultural village not too far from Gabs. The place is run by a retired woman, who is committed to keeping the traditional rituals and culture alive. We were greeted by a group of villagers from Mmankgodi and learned about the wedding ceremony, life in the olden days and how to ground millet Setswana-style. It was an interesting experience and a good way to get some more insight into traditional Setswana culture.

29 Oktober 2011

Sunset Saturday XXXV

A gorgeous, golden sunset in Tasmania during our trip to Australia in 2009. We spent the day hiking around Wine Glas Bay and stopped to watch the sunset on our way back to Hobart. Tasmania is such as pristine and wild but exceptionally beautiful place, and it was fantastic to see some of the highlights while we were there.

26 Oktober 2011

lion country

While at Mabuasehube, we got more than lucky and saw a total of 12 really big Kalahari lions.
We had heard that a bunch of lions was occupying a campsite not too far from where we were staying and so we drove there to have a look. Indeed, they were there, dozing in the shade and apparently well fed.
I would have probably freaked out completely, but the people staying at that particular campsite were surprisingly relaxed about being held hostage by the lions for a full day...
On our game drive on the next morning, we also came across a lioness. She was walking on the tracks and definitely not in a hunting mood, as the steenboks didn't run away. She was also very hesitant to leave the soft underground, but eventually we managed to pass her.
It definitely feels strange to sleep in a tiny little tent on the ground, knowing that this is lion country. On the other hand, it is so beautiful out there - I really wouldn't want to miss it!

25 Oktober 2011

in the wild west

Last weekend, I went for a trip to Mabuasehube, a national park in the wild west of Botswana. From the tarred road, it takes more than 100km on a sand piste to the entrance gate and from there, another 25km to the campsite at Mabuasehube pan, so it's really in the middle of nowhere.

We spent two nights there,
saw the sun rise,hid from the scorching sun and the hot desert wind during the day,
went searching for some lions,
and had a little party with the squirrels and birds at our campsite.
On the way back, we followed another endless, bumpy track through the bush and finally found some fuel before heading back to Gabs. Thanks to the guys for driving all the way and for a fantastic trip!

22 Oktober 2011

Sunset Saturday XXXIV

While I'm camping in the Kalahari, here's another beautiful sunset from a trip to Madikwe earlier this year. The combination of rich colors was fantastic: lush green bush, red-glowing sun and bright golden sketches on the blue sky. Africa's colors never cease to amaze....

15 Oktober 2011

Sunset Saturday XXXIII

Autumn evening sky in my hometown. Because of the clear days, I got to see some really nice sunsets. I was walking home and watched the colors and the sky behind a field against the dark trees. It still takes quite some time for the sun to completely set, but already the days are becoming shorter and shorter.

14 Oktober 2011

Autumn Glory

We went to visit family in Schwerin, and took a walk around the castle grounds. It was one of these perfect, crisp autumn days full of sunshine and I really enjoyed the beautiful park and gardens.
I'm glad I finally got to see Schwerin at this time of the year! So far I had only ever been there in winter and could only imagine what it is like during warmer days...

12 Oktober 2011

on identity, home and switching between worlds

During our trip to Italy, I spent some time to think and reflect on Europe, my roots and the big or not so big differences between life here and life in Botswana, and I must say, it felt like a pretty big culture shock to be back in Europe after some time abroad. Tuscany, with all its history, monuments and century-old culture, was probably the most contrasting place we could go to from the empty lands of the Kalahari, and I felt how strongly my own identity is impacted by European culture, history and whatever values come with it.
Coming back to Europe often leaves me a little bit lost, but at the same time every time I come back to my hometown, I feel like the place absorbs me, devouring my personality, and twisting it back to the standards and drawers that seem so eminent in German society - at least when entering it as a sort of outsider. I felt really out of place for the first couple of days in Germany, questioning my origin, my direction and missing my freedom, but then I somehow snapped back into the mode and adapted to the pace of life, knowing it will be a different life again soon.
Now, being back in Gabs, it feels good to be here, but part of myself is still in Germany, and so it will probably again take some time before I have arrived fully...

11 Oktober 2011

Panoramas from Tuscany

1, View over Firenze
2, River Arno
3, Uffizi in Firenze
4 +5, City of Pitigliano

10 Oktober 2011

bei Kaiserwetter auf der Wiesn

The weather during the Oktoberfest was exceptionally nice and so we enjoyed the sunshine and warm temperatures.
I went there with dear friends from Austria and we walked around the Theresienwiese, where the Oktoberfest is taking place, before we entered one of the beer tents. In the afternoon, we went for a ride on the "Wiesn-Rad" and had a beautiful view of the Oktoberfest, the masses of visitors, and Munich, and it felt really good to be home.

a whirlwind of weeks

These past weeks in Germany have been great and extremely busy - especially compared to the pace of life back in Gabs - and we were traveling from South to North and back to meet family, friends and colleagues. It was really nice to be back home, but it took a while to get used to the speed. It always feels like time is running way too fast, and there is never enough time to see everyone and do everything, but now I am also looking forward to flying back to Africa tonight.

08 Oktober 2011

Sunset Saturday XXXII

A little bit late, but here is another beautiful evening sky during our trip to Italy in September. We stayed on top of a hill in the middle of nowhere and enjoyed the view over the landscape and the sea in the distance for a couple of days. It was really great to calm down and relax for a couple of days...

01 Oktober 2011

Sunset Saturday XXXI

Sonnenuntergang an der Hackerbrücke.
We were on our way back home from the Oktoberfest and saw the sunset over the train tracks near Munich main station. For the past week, the days were full of glorious sunshine and blue skies, and it was so nice to be around at this time of the year!