23 April 2010

libre in Cuba

the last stop of my trip was Cuba. I arrived in Havana and spent some days exploring the beautiful old city while trying to get a grip for this special country, that's so different from the rest and which I found very difficult to understand.

going on to Trinidad for some more colonial highlights and green mountains I was still struggling with the ideology and the reality, but found the people everywhere to be very hospitable and happy enough.

for some more beach days and a bit of party-time I decided to go to Varadero, stayed in the retro Internacional Hotel and got my final tan on the dream-white beach with turquoise water, enjoying life and thanking heaven for all the incredible opportunities and this trip in particular, before I eventually flew back to Europe.

16 April 2010

living la vida local

after 2 days in Cahuita on the Carribbean coast it felt like I've lived here for years.
people are friendly and interested to get to know you, so each night you end up with new friends as you sip your sun-downer in the evening breeze.

every day Jenny and I ride our bicycles along the coastal road back and forth to the town centre, smiling and waving to the locals, hang out on the porch in our hammocks and enjoy the company of our various neighbours, ranging from the super-chilled sloth on the mango tree to a little rodent and birds stealing sweet fruits from the banana bunch.

12 April 2010


- I have been travelling for exactly 3 months.
- I saw the Pacific Ocean for the last time, and had to watch helplessly and shocked from the beach as someone drowned in the waves.
- I saw huge life alligators for the first time.

what a day...

09 April 2010

orchid superstars

in Monteverde I visited the local orchid garden and was impressed by the great variety of orchids collected from the cloudforest area nearby.

generally, the orchids here were a lot smaller than the ones I had seen before but their scents were incredible....

imagine beautiful tiny flowers smelling of vanilla, mint, pepper, lemon and much more!

04 April 2010

who wants to go to the seaside

during semana santa I got to spend a few days on the beach!

the lago nicaragua is a huge lake with a volcanic island in the middle, where life is quiet and seems to be uneventful, making it a perfect get-away.

the scenery is very beautiful and I enjoyed a couple of relaxed days in great company before I went to the pacific ocean for more intakes of sunshine, sand, surf and salty water....