16 November 2009

APEC kills hopes for COP15

Last week Singapore hosted the APEC Summit. US President Obama was there, the Chinese President Hu Jintao was there, some Latin American leaders were there and a lot of ASEAN heads of states and government. A real high-level political meeting with a full agenda. Talking business, trade, cooperation in general and, of course, climate change.

Unfortunately, the leaders couldn't agree on having binding targets to cut greenhouse gas emissions. Instead, they agreed on a 'new growth paradigm' and 'enhanced economic integration'. For the COP15 this means that expectations have now officially been slashed, and all we can expect as outcome is merely an agreement on agreeing that binding targets for emission reductions will need to be postponed. What a joke.

Hopefully the 'new growth paradigm' will provide enough money for rescuing all the people affected by rising sea levels, food shortages due to droughts and floods, and any other impacts that human-induced climate change will eventually have on our lives.

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