03 Dezember 2009

Four Days in Hong Kong

A busy metropolitan, built on a tiny place in the Pearl River Delta, spread out over some islands. After 24 hours in the metropolitan, we'd already taken a boat more than 5 times to cross the harbour.

When the sun sets, the city's energy is on full force and you can feel the place vibrating with all sorts of activities. We watched the famous Hong Kong lightshow and followed the crowd along the water on the walk of fame.

We stayed on a hill with some view over the rooftops of the surrounding buildings. And while we enjoyed the incredibly busy streets on both sides of the harbour, we also tried to find some more peaceful places.

On the peak, a stroll around the Governor's garden and walk up to the highest point meant some incredible views on this almost clear day.

A trip to Lamma island and a hike between the two villages showed us the more rural and simple life a mere 30 minute boat-ride away from the centre with its sky-high buildings.

Back to the city centre, we walked around the central area and SoHo, had some amazing Japanese food and discovered a new favorite drink – Umeshu – before we took another ride on the star ferry to get back to Tsim Sha Tsui.

After 4 days we left Hong Kong, feeling excited by the energy, but also a little bit tired from so many impressions, and went back to Singapore for the final days in Asia.

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