21 März 2010

NYC love

What an amazing city! New York is everything I expected and even more...

absolutely fabulous weather, blue sky and sunshine over Manhattan - what more do you want for your first trip to the big apple coinciding with a special birthday?

I was thrilled to see my favorite person again after more than two months and excited to meet up with very good friends who travelled all the way from Germany to celebrate with me!

there is sooo much to do and see in NY, so the days were packed with activities: a stroll in sunny Central Park, watching the St. Patrick's Day Parade on 5th Avenue, a boat trip to Staten Island, a visit to the Met, a walk over Williamsburg Bridge, a very special concert in Carnegie Hall, and lots of other fun things...

of course, time was too short... so I definitely have to come back to spend more hours inhaling the energy and exploring all the different parts of the most interesting city!

more pics to come soon

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