14 Juni 2010

Let there be Rhinos

Last weekend we packed our bags and went to Khama Rhino Sanctuary near Serowe to see some more of Africa’s wildlife.

In the park you can do a guided game-drive or drive with your own car through the bush and around the pans on dusty sand roads.

On our early morning drive we saw loads of antelopes, wilderbeest, springboks, impalas and a herd of zebras.

But it got really interesting during the afternoon drive (when all the animals supposedly hide in the bush and sleep) when we saw more than half of the entire Rhino population...have you ever seen a baby rhino jumping around the water hole and trying to play with a very unimpressed wilderbeest? It’s the cutest thing ever!

And when we were driving around the pan in an attempt to get closer to the giraffes we had seen in the distance, we accidentally bumped into 3 cheetahs preparing to hunt but then innocently and very elegantly just crossing the road just in front of us…

{the picture is not great but the best I could get with my little camera}

Wildlife here is amazing and luckily it looks like I’ll get to see some more of it in the next months, hurra!

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