09 September 2010

Dinner with Rhinos

Last night I went for dinner with some friends at the famous Mokolodi Restaurant.
It is a bit outside town at the edge of the Mokolodi Game Reserve, where you can see zebras, gnus, giraffes, and of course impalas.
The group of rhino in the reserve is very rare to see during the game drives - but they come for free with dinner at the restaurant!

I couldn't quite believe it when just after we finished our meal two rhinos came out of the bush to feed on the fresh hay laid out for them.

And it got even better when a 10-month old baby rhino came with his mother and started eating in front of us.

It was an amazing experience to see those ancient-looking wild animals so close.

Have you ever dined with rhinos? :)


  1. Rhinos during your meal? In good old bavaria sometimes a cow comes a way! How diffrent the world is? Unbelievable....

  2. Fantastic. I've had elephants nearby when eating and it's incredibly unnerving but also exciting and wonderful. I imagine it is a similar experience with rhinos...wow.