28 April 2011

Cruising Chobe

After our visit to the VicFalls, we went on to Kasane, the gateway to the Chobe National Park.
We spent an afternoon at the pool looking out on the massive river before exploring the waterfront on a boat and coming quite close to the wildlife. There is a lot more water now than last year, making the river look almost like a big lake.

During our cruise, we saw a kindergarten of thirsty elephants coming to the water for a drink.
Crocodiles were lying motionless on the shore.
And a group of hippos was paddling in the sunset.
Isn't this the picture-perfect Africa?!


  1. Amazing pictures! I have to say I'm feeling a little jealous!

  2. Thanks! Botswana has fantastic kwildlife and you often get really close to the animals - great for taking pictures!

  3. One day I'll take to Botswana ;-)

    Just after South Africa and Namibia...