12 Oktober 2011

on identity, home and switching between worlds

During our trip to Italy, I spent some time to think and reflect on Europe, my roots and the big or not so big differences between life here and life in Botswana, and I must say, it felt like a pretty big culture shock to be back in Europe after some time abroad. Tuscany, with all its history, monuments and century-old culture, was probably the most contrasting place we could go to from the empty lands of the Kalahari, and I felt how strongly my own identity is impacted by European culture, history and whatever values come with it.
Coming back to Europe often leaves me a little bit lost, but at the same time every time I come back to my hometown, I feel like the place absorbs me, devouring my personality, and twisting it back to the standards and drawers that seem so eminent in German society - at least when entering it as a sort of outsider. I felt really out of place for the first couple of days in Germany, questioning my origin, my direction and missing my freedom, but then I somehow snapped back into the mode and adapted to the pace of life, knowing it will be a different life again soon.
Now, being back in Gabs, it feels good to be here, but part of myself is still in Germany, and so it will probably again take some time before I have arrived fully...

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