01 August 2010

the lion sleeps tonight

We just got back from an amazing trip to Madikwe, just across the border in South Africa, where we stayed in the beautiful Thakadu Lodge for a night in a luxurious safari tent.

And on the game drive last night, I finally got to see a lion. All you could see at first was a bit of black and yellow mane of a very sleepy lion in the high grass.

When he woke up, he yawned a couple of times, licked himself and stretched extensively before he started walking along the road like the majesty himself.

Lion love.

FYI: Apart from the lion, there was lots of other wildlife, including some supercute baby hyenas, jumping rhinos and a very horny elephant :)


  1. he is the majesty! ich will die auch sehen!!

  2. Just hopped over from Expat Bloggers. I lived for years in Africa -- Kenya, and Ghana, twice. would love to see the southern part of the continent.

    Your photos are great fantastic!

  3. @Miss Footloose: Thanks, I really like it here and hope to see much more of Africa in the next months. Will make sure to check out you blog as well for any tips/ideas...