11 August 2010

on the streets of Gaborone

Mostly, Gabs is a car-city. Because everything is spread out people take the car to go from one place to another. But there is some life on the streets: Parking lots are being used to sell veggies & fruits and other stuff and in the few pedestrian zones, you can buy everything from jeans to shoes to phone cards from the stalls.

It's good to know that there is a shopping life outside the supermarkets & malls! :)


  1. I always love seeing street photos from foreign countries, and the real life that happens there. I've not been to Botswana, but spent a couple of years in Kenya and about 8 in Ghana. Africa gets in your blood. I loved living there.

    Is there any increase in tourism in Botswana that you are aware of because of the Alexander McCall Smith's books?

    I heard that Botswana people hate those books. Did you hear about this?

  2. As far as I am aware the Ladies No1 books certainly made people more aware of Botswana, but I am not sure this has actually boosted tourism as most people tend to come because of the Okawanga-Delta and Chobe National Park (rather than spending time in Gabs). And so far, the locals I've met here don't seem to have a strong opinion about the books, but I will ask next time and try to find out what they really think about it...