14 November 2011

Land of the Giants

While in Kasane, we went for a boat cruise on the River Chobe and saw plenty of elephants. They say there are about 30.000 elephants in the Chobe National Park and I guess they must be about right. The land is very dry, so they all come down to the river in the afternoon to drink. Some are even brave enough to cross over to Sedudu Island through the water.
Below are a few of them, including a striped African elephant and a very cute baby giant.LinkThe water is so low at the moment - the big ones can actually walk across!
This little one was maybe a few months old, but following his big mother around just fine and oh so cute....!


  1. Hallo Münchner Kindl, was für wunderbare Photos.

  2. Gorgeous photos. I love the baby elephant!

  3. Thank you, I'm glad you like them. Freut mich, dass die Fotos euch gefallen ;)