02 Januar 2011

it was a very good year...

2010 has been a year full of adventures in different parts of the world. I have travelled a lot (I counted 20 countries - this year I win our internal competition :), spent time on three different continents and started a new job. Here are some of my personal highlights of the past year:

In January I started my great journey and went to the end of the world before making my way back up through Argentina and Chile. In February I spent some great weeks in Patagonia before things got a big shaky in Santiago and I embarked on the longest bus journey ever to La Paz. In March, altitude fatigue seemed to set in after a couple of weeks on the Altiplano, but when I made it to NYC it was time for celebrations.

In April I soaked in some sun on the beaches of Nicaragua & Costa Rica and kind of fell in love with Cuba. In May I spent some time in Europe with my family and old friends, and was really excited to be re-united with my favorite man and start a new adventure in Botswana. In June I got the travel bug again and spent a couple of weeks on the road, watching football and wild animals with old and new friends.

In July, I fell in love with Capetown, saw my first lion and then slowly started to settle in to life in Gabs. In August, we went for a road trip to beautiful Namibia, I played tennis every week and tried to get to know my new host city. In September, I started work again, made new friends in Gabs and loved the sunshine and the warm days.

In October, we went to Capetown for a week before family and friends came to visit us and see the wildlife. In November, work got quite busy and I flew to Mexico for the climate change negotiations. In December, I spent Christmas with my family, got to see my best friends and loved the snow and the winter.

I am so grateful for all of the amazing experiences, for all the wonderful people I've met and the great opportunities of last year. It really was an amazing year! Now I am looking forward to 2011 and to sharing some of our adventures along the way.

Happy New Year to everyone!!!

(picture credits: no 6 by Jean-Francois, no 9 by Keith)

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